An amazing person who is very caring.
He is cute and is an Amazing dancer.
He is EXTREMELY cute & funny.
You are lucky if you know a Turner.
He is really nice and cute.
He is a Turner.
by rayay46 May 3, 2011
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Has an aversion to sunlight, meaning they can usually be found in their bedroom - either playing on computer games or watching soap operas. Turner's are modest about their high intelligence, and sarcasm comes naturally to them.

On the whole they are hard working, fun to be around, loyal, thoughtful, kind and caring. They are also exceptionally good at making hot beverages.
Girl 1: Hey…who's that guy with Marie?
Girl 2: Oh…that's Turner
by Mazza E January 27, 2015
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A sweet person with an amazing personality
He is cute and funny and know how to cheer you up when you feel sad
He is the most amazing person you will EVER meet.
He is so funny. He is such a Turner.
by rayay46 May 3, 2011
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Ultimate raving V.I.P Ladies use it as a term to describe a certain type of male titillates the ladies with his outstanding good looks charming smooth lines also referred to as entrepreneur. See sexy for further information
I met a bloke in a club (escapades) he was a proper turner
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Turner is amazing, sweet, kind, funny, cute, and many more. He is always there for me and is caring. I don't know how I got so lucky to end up with him, but if you know an 11 year old named Turner, you are extremly lucky. If you see this, I love you so much and you are my love, my heart, my world, my everything, i will forever and always love you Turner!
Turner is amazing
by Its_Sarah October 16, 2019
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a small town in central maine. the suburbs of the suburbs.
Person One: Lets go to turner.
Person Two: Nahh, Nothing There.
by articulateami June 26, 2010
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A fake English, Euro sounding accent that famous people get when they move to Europe. The term comes from it's two most prominent examples, Tina Turner and Kathleen Turner
Check out the wanker trying out his turner on the tourists over there.

Madonna busted out her turner on Jay Leno last night.

Gweneth Paltrow has the coolest turner.
by Howsomever December 3, 2010
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