31 definitions by Monique

1. A master of the art of performing a rusty trombone.

2. The mighty chief of the kikoomaki tribe of monkies.

3. A species of ape that has the ability to speak woman and other languages foreign to man.
I once knew a mcgullion who could scale the empire state buiding in five seconds.
by Monique October 14, 2003
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Colored lips that last all day
Tina has lipsticky lips today.
by Monique October 19, 2004
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Hahahahaha! Mikey Way looks like Milky Way....

Anyway... In the band My Chemical Romance and is the lead singer's Gerard Way bro.
by Monique April 22, 2005
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Alex's mom is a mirf!
by Monique February 21, 2003
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when a girl sleeps with a guy with a large penis
Damn, I'd heard Joe be laying pipe
by Monique May 13, 2004
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1. Totally kickass awesome.
2. Really cool
3. The shiznit
That movie was so superhellawickedcool!
by Monique March 26, 2005
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