A TV network all about technology, hence the name TechTV. In my opinion the best thing EVER on TV! It has been purchased by Comcast who have now merged it with their network G4. Now it is called G4TechTV. The network is now all about games and technology. Comcast cancelled the feed of this internationally; sign the petition to get it back at www.savetech.tk if you will no longer get it!
Did you watch The Screen Savers on TechTV last night?

No, I couldn’t have it is gone :'( but I saw it on G4TechTV
by Mike June 20, 2004
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A technological based TV channel in San Francisco, USA, and provides the general audience with information regarding current and future technologies.
TechTV is my favorite channel on my television.
by Brett C. May 25, 2003
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This was the legendary technology channel G4TV was originally supposed to have merged with, but then turned around and assimilated and tossed the bulk of it away for the benefit of gaining it's much larger viewership. There are many who will claim this channel was just the greatest thing in the world and G4 completely destroyed it's greatness, but the reality is both channels we're incredibly awful. Techtv had the exact same type of line-up with programs that ranged from somewhat informed, dull, to just plain irrelevant which is the exact same state G4 was and is still in. Basicly Techtv was G4 with a supposed technology theme. So many praise this dead channel, but anyone with a good memory who actually remembers it's line-up should know this never was the case. Only about three shows on this channel were actually relevant to tech, the rest was absolutely nothing but Sunni Das selling gadgets and boring reruns of the same military tech show on about 70% of the time. Old fans of this channel like to delude themselves into thinking this channel was so wonderful and great because of The Screensavers and Call for Help, but except for those two shows this channel marketed the exact same casual garbage as G4TV does, it simply did it differently.

The funniest irony about this whole merger is G4 wanted to buy Techtv for it's millions of viewers, but even after paying twice what the channel was worth(estimated 300 million) the channel is still getting awful ratings only coming in with 0.1 scores(less than 300,000 out of a 50 million viewerbase which I'm sure has gotten much lower by now)during peak primetime hours. It just goes to show, if you serve a pot of shit to five people who also tell you it's shit, bringing in more to try it won't help, you will just have more people telling you it's shit. :)
"Man, I fucking hate G4TV for ruining all that was great about Tech TV!"

"....and what greatness was that actually? Watching Leo explain the same stupid shit to newbs over and over or watching a fat, british, skinless gorilla scream over poorly built battle bots?"
by toxeee August 22, 2005
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One who watches TechTV religiously and claims to know everything of IT. Also claims to have a "computer job", but in reality they work retail at Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, or some store that happens to sell computer supplies.

Will give you useless specs for the top of the line video card, or the newest unreleased Microsoft product. But when asked questions related to MAN, VTP, or Ohm's Law, they will either go blank or become enraged.

They have a primal tendancy to "fix" computers to the point they need to be taken to a professional. When confronted with a problem they cannot "fix", their answer is always to reformat. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU LET A TECHTV DORK NEAR YOUR COMPUTER!

Can be found frequenting technology sections of various forums. But tend to troll when corrected. Can also be found gushing over various computer peripherals at retail stores.

When confronted by a TechTV Dork, simply say Apple, Mac, and related words. They will leave you alone and look for other prey.
Friend- "Here's my Mac, please fix it!"
(Friend gets a call a few hours later...)
TTVD- "I'm having trouble getting into the BIOS, what keys do you press?"

Question- "I need help getting powered Firewire to work on a PC!"
TTVD- "The ATX standard can only output 12V maximum! You can't do that on a PC."
Response- "Ummm, ever heard of ATX 2.03?"
TTVD- "Yes, but it doesn't output more than 12V." (Skimmed for it on google)
Response- "Ever heard of the optional power connector in ATX 2.03?"
TTVD- "Yes! But it's not REQUIRED so it doesn't matter!" (Again, looked it up on google.)
Response- "Ummmmmmmm ooooook"
by inno February 25, 2005
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