A cable channel that is only available in a extra package, showing off the latest video games.

Originally a sub par network ,the hosts are made up of young good looking people (most who are mostly really annoying and don’t even play video games). The production quality of the shows are really bad, like something on a local access channel. There were a couple of good shows but, coming up with new episodes for them was slow, so you were doomed to watch the same episodes over and over again.

The channel was owned by Comcast, which ranks up there on the evil scale with Disney and Microsoft. Comcast bought Tech TV (the greatest channel ever) and ruined all the shows by firing host who actually knew what they were doing and replacing them with host who... you guessed it look good, but are annoying as hell and no nothing about the subject of technology (a prime example would be Kevin Pereira).

Comcast’s plans were to reel in the huge amount of dedicated nerds who watch tech TV for hours every day. Instead almost 99% of the original fans of tech TV stopped watching the new hybrid channel known as "g4techtv". But for every tech TV fan who stopped watching the network, 1-3 preteens who knows a little as the hosts of the shows stared watching the network. The network would later be renamed back to g4.

There was nothing that could be done to save tech TV, however there are still great tech shows like "call for help 2.0" which are at g4’s Canadian branch and internet show like “the broken” and “system” which have sprung up by former employs of tech TV.

note: there is also a website for g4 which consists of a forum made up of dumb ass preteens who think they no about gameing and computers but really no jack shit.
See: tech TV , g4, g4techtv
Man,im going to miss some of the tech TV greats like Pat,leo,yoshi,martin etc...
by AltCoder May 1, 2005
A Television network that took great joy in acquiring TechTv only to utterly destroy it in less than a year. A perfect example of the continuing trend of the dumbing down of america, it is unlikely that g4 will finish out the year as it has lower ratings than the tv guide channel and the golf network. This is due in part to the fact that G4's target demographic (males 12-34) finds that channel simply ridiculous.
Bob: I would like to lose 5 million brain cells today...

Joe: Well bob, just turn g4.
by matt March 24, 2005
A television network that has no soul. Enjoyed acquiring techtv and destroying it in less then a year, g4 is just another exaple of the continuing trend of the dumbing down of america. They fail to realize that, in fact, their target demographics (males 12-34) think the channel is utterly pathetic.
g4 has lower ratings than the tv guide channel and the golf network. G4 will soon be out of business.
by matt March 23, 2005
Code for Gay.
"Hey, Mike...
Do you think he's g4?"
by Samimi December 15, 2010
A pseudo cult-like name used in reference to a small grouping of girls (generally 7-8 in number, aged in the late teens to early twenties) who rule a certain area.

A group who gets along well with generally all and are considered the coolest, hottest, and most intelligent girls in said area.
Not derogatory, insulting, or a synonym for a clique.
Taylor: Hey, it's time for flag raising. We're late.
Savannah: Okay, wake up G4 and lets get going!
Taylor: But Michelle is still asleep?

Jeremy: I'm so glad we're best friends with G4. They're great.

Kaitlyn Taylor Maya Savannah Lauren Corina Erin Michelle
by flippinmayonnaise November 13, 2009
slang for the dick, it is the primary mode of transport for dick riders.
1)Caz: "That bitch all on you dog"

Rezz:"I know, she need to jump off tha g4"

2)Tank: "Them niggas always bitin our shit"

E: "Tell em to jump of tha g4"
by caz money August 7, 2007