n. Members of the furry fandom. Often confused with furries.
Those artists at that table are furs.
by Caoimhin June 16, 2008
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a dmv ( d.c,maryland, and virginia) term for being high.
dam nigga you always furred.
" what are you doin tonite?" " uh... idk probally go to a party and get furred"
by ambitiouslil1 February 07, 2010
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fucked up robot

(originated from a team at a well known robotic competition MASLAB at MIT in 2010 who actually named their robot 'FUR' after repeated failures.)
It's already been 30 days, and my SmashRobo can't even move more then 3 seconds; We should rename it for FUR at its Best.
by mks11 July 23, 2011
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An expression from the town of Blackburn in Northern England to describe an vacuous headed individual who speaks with a mono tonal drone.

To be a Furness you would be devoid of personal social skills, and have a social network totally reliant on an internet connection. Furness's have been known to set up personal websites to create an illusion of self importance, of course everyone will know this. Furness's are not adverse to using bigland to get there own way, or to dominate there internet social peers.

Furness's have personal traits that include childishness, and stubbornness. Furness's are also to known to have lower than average intelligence and work in unskilled and mundane occupations (e.g. Restaurants / Factories)
See that Ian on his motorbike he is a right Furness
by Julian Whitby August 30, 2008
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Having sexual intercourse in the wild dressed up as an animal.
Wayne: What did you do last night?",

Stef: Just went down to the forest for a bit of furring

Wayne: Standard
by waynerz August 10, 2008
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