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Another name for a trick-like female, but does not mean a prostitute.
Yu yerg! Yu Slept with all my homies while i was in cell block 4!
by piiglett. April 16, 2009
Getting two things done with one action. Not the same as multitasking.
"I decided to get sponsers for my fundraiser && deliver newspapers at the same time"
"Cool. Yu were killing two birds with one stone."
by piiglett. June 15, 2009
Origin: Unknown

Meaning alot of or very
Yo it was hella bitties in that club last night.

That joke was from last week, yu hella late yo.
by piiglett. April 16, 2009
to be:

1. ugly
2. dead (as in shoes)

furred can also be linked with furred body, meaning an ugly, dusty looking person.
a) Eww, yur boy/girl friend is furred.
b) Look at those dead a$$ shoes, they are furred.
by piiglett. February 17, 2009
An ugly or dusty person. (Different from the word furred, which can also describe an object. Furred body soley means a person.
1. Yo a furred body.
2. Eww, yur mom is a furred body yo!
by piiglett. February 17, 2009
Dumbasses who disrupt common settings by making stupid jokes, loud noises, && instigating stupid stuff.
*Boy packing on some other boy, && joke wasn't funny*

Damn, ____ is such a clown.
by piiglett. February 18, 2009