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Intimate position, whereby the female's knees are drawn to the chest, with legs pointed straight up and feet turned out, like the handlebars on a motorbike. The male simultaneously grabs the feet and strategically "revs" the throttle, making motorbike sounds during the act, changing gears, and hitting the redline at climax!
Stan: How'd it go last night with the new girl?

Kyle: It was awesome! She's a lightweight like a 150CC, so I pulled a Ricky Carmichael and motorbike'd it! (makes engine sounds and pretends to rev the throttle) I think I may have twisted her ankle!
by Nick the Shark March 26, 2010
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Commonly misperceived as a "death trap", a motorbike is a fun and auxhillaurating mode of transport. Its lighter weight and easy maneuverability makes an ordinary street bike faster than a tricked up sports car.
That motorbike is fast.
by tthedawg January 26, 2007
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The way you grip and spread butt cheeks while in the doggy style position
She so fine, I'd love to motor bike that ass!
by Kellerino June 28, 2018
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