1: n. A very large amount. 2: Very heavy unit of measure. 3: A futon sofa that is used for sexual purposes.

Syn: assload, fuckload, shitload, shitton, beaucoup

Ant: jack shit
1. I can't go clubbing tonight, I have a fuckton of work on my puter.

2. Yo dude, that bitch gotta be sportin 17 fucktons.

3. Hey homey, you don't wanna plant your ass there. There's a shitload of Santorum on the fuckton.
by Marc December 11, 2003
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The mass of a Dyson sphere. That is, the amount of matter required to construct a sphere around the sun. It is assumed that the sphere has as little thickness as possible.
A fuckton of iron has been calculated to be 8.806 * 10^21 kilograms of iron, or 1.941 * 10^22 pounds of iron.
by MK GT FKT October 29, 2004
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Seven actual tons, or the amount of water expelled from the leaves of a full grown Oak tree per day.
Holy shit dude, it was so hot in there, I literally drank a fuckton of water afterwards.
by justaguymakingupdefinitions November 10, 2011
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is = to 100 shit loads
today i have a shitload of work

this week i had a fuckton to do at work
by cliff2001 June 23, 2009
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An SI counting unit equal to the combined mass in grams of all the woman the average man would like to fuck in his life time.
Yo bro.. what number is bigger than infinity?

A fuckton bro... a fuckton.
by Dr. Sebs September 20, 2010
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More of something than one could possibly carry or deal with.
When I get back from vacation, I'm going to have a fuckton of filing to do.
by aksarah June 14, 2004
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