The acceptable weight at which a man is willing to have intercourse with a woman, plus one ton.
Whew man, take a look at Samantha—she is really packing in on. Yah bro, she’s about a fuck ton too many for me.
by TacomaBeags April 14, 2011
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A fuckton is a unit of measure, equivalent to the weight of one elephant, 14,000 pounds, or 7 tons. May vary depending on the weight of the nearest elephant.
Example 1:
Man 1: That elephant looks like it weighs a fuckton!
Man 2: It does.
Example 2:
Son: I'm so hungry, I could eat an elephant.
Son's Friend: Me too!
Mother: Should I make two fucktons of mac 'n' cheese?
Father: That's what two elephants weigh, isn't it?
by jaacuwtai April 19, 2010
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Alot of something. It is a combination of fuck and ton.
so instead of "a ton of stuff" you say "a fuck-ton of stuff"
Damn, you have a fuck-ton of cavities...I'm going to have to take these out.
by Vivianna April 04, 2008
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An SI counting unit equal to the combined mass in grams of all the woman the average man would like to fuck in his life time.
Yo bro.. what number is bigger than infinity?

A fuckton bro... a fuckton.
by Dr. Sebs September 19, 2010
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The exact definition of a fuck-ton is 2 billion.
Joe: Dude, I just made $2 billion dollars from investing in the stock market.
Moe: Holy shit that's a fuck-ton!!!
Joe: Exactly!!!!!!!
by madmaxone November 13, 2010
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An excessive, overwhelming, or overpowering amount of something. A fuckton is not a standard unit of measurement but rather an excessive amount of something for the situation at hand.
Dude, ten policemen busted our party and there was only fifteen of us there. The same amount of cops busted our last party and it had over five times more people. I don't know why they sent a fuckton over this time.
by therightword July 09, 2010
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