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evil rat things from quiznos add
by Marc February 16, 2004
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Like fun+super+terrific
Also if not so great funarific
I won!! Thats fun funasuperific
by Marc December 6, 2004
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1. Conventionally masculine. Describes a homosexual male whose behaviour resembles that of the traditional heterosexual or straight male stereotype. Often considered politically incorrect (or even homophobic) as a label, but can be used facetiously. May apply to gay males who exhibit conventional masculinity out of a genuine predisposition, as well as to those who affect it out of insecurity (sometimes to remain in the closet).
2. The gay male equivalent of the lipstick lesbian. As a social phenomenon, the "straight acting" homosexual breaks from gay stereotypes in a way comparable to the metrosexual's defiance of straight stereotypes. (Both labels rely on stereotypes in order to be understandable, even as they describe non-stereotypical behaviour.)
1. "I've never considered myself downright flaming, but my straight acting boyfriend makes me look sooo faggy."
2. "He's so straight acting he passed by my gaydar undetected."
3. "I hate the term 'straight acting.' I mean, who's to say that straight people aren't trying to act like US?"
by Marc January 28, 2004
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Expressing to states of human emotions. Blending happiness and sadness into one word.
Yes, I am sappy but I hope you have fun on your trip. (happy this person is going on their trip, but sad because youll miss them)
by Marc May 28, 2004
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Nadsat for an apology.

Nadsat is the language used by the main character and his friends in clockwork orange.
by Marc November 30, 2004
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Proper Noun. The new nick name for a man named Robert. Look no further to feel individualized, Roberts of the world. Make sure no one takes this nick name before you do.
Hi! My name is Robert, but you may call me Bobert.
by Marc April 5, 2005
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