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a person who tries to suck his own dick
by Marc January 24, 2005
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Very old Brazilian expression, which means "all is (was) lost", with no turning back. Probably from rural origin, just think a farmer trying to rescue a cow from been stuck to death in a swamp.
It's used in situations like "The situation of the company was already bad in the Telecom market, then came the Chinese products and the cow went to the swamp"
by Marc March 14, 2005
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verb: the act of going to nightclubs, or clubbing
Yo, I don't hafta work tomorrow -- let's go hunt some baby seals downtown.
by Marc January 3, 2004
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noun. A long object that is thrown from a girls anus similar to that of defecating.
verb. To throw a foreign object from one's anus.
noun. Damn that cananicle is huge!
verb: I had to cananicize you penis from myself.
by Marc April 3, 2005
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v. combination of fluster, constipate, and frustrate.

To overwhelm to the point of mental breakdown
On her ride home, Mary was cut off by a truck driver. Having had an already bad day, this last incident so flusterpated her that she had to pull over and cry.
by Marc December 11, 2003
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1. n. (military) acronym for "bad conduct discharge" as defined by the Uniform Code of Military Justice for US military servicemen, also known unofficially as the "Big Chicken Dinner" as slang for the same discharge.

2. n. acronym for "buoyancy control device" used in scuba diving, a vest that can be inflated or deflated while underwater to control a diver's depth.
1. "Corporal Smith bashed Lieutenant Jones in the fucking pie hole right in front of the general. Stupid shitbird is gonna get his BCD for sure."

2. "Shit, my god-damn BCD has a hole in it. If I dive with this POS on, I'll sink right to the bottom."
by Marc February 15, 2004
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evil rat things from quiznos add
by Marc February 16, 2004
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