Fucking Out Of Leaguer. (A guy who is with a girl who is far too hot for him, he is punching way above his weight).
by sparkyB September 09, 2014
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def 1- A friend or "Gangsta" friend.
A really cool crazy pal.
by B-Rizzle November 26, 2003
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A person who wakes up before the crack of dawn to go shopping on black friday.
I saw a large number of fools in the wal mart parking lot on black friday waiting for the doors to open.
by superman1958 November 27, 2010
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1) word used by Zahler in Scott Westerfeld book "The Last Days" Words also used fexelent and fawesome. To break away from the mainstream and express his creativity Zahler puts the letter 'F' infront of adjectives. Or he simply might mean the definition below.

2) fucking cool
1) fool shoes; where'd you get 'em?

2) same example applies
by Dara Helaina January 07, 2008
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