In Mr. T-glish, a rhetoric comment equivalent to the English "I'd best not find out who it was."
I pity the fool who scratched my car.
by diatrevolo November 9, 2003
A phrase popularized by Mr. T meaning that he feels sorry for you because he is about to beat your ass...
I pity the fool who wants to challenege me to a fight!
by Kevin587 April 2, 2007
1) phrase that you insert, along with the word "who", before an action that someone had better not do if they don't want their ass kicked.

2) A sentence that you say right after someone else says they're going to do something you know aint gonna happen.
1) I pity the fool who eats the last cookie.

2) Some dude: Hey I'm just gonna eat this cookie here...

Me: I pity the fool.
by Dragon Ninja December 16, 2008
the talk of mr. T, but with some added nerd-talk. he is expressing his pity for the fools who dont like the frozen dairy product called ice cream
sam gloshen: i dont like ice cream
MR T.:i pity teh fool who doesnt like ice cream!

chris daviduk: MR T. do you pity teh fool who doesnt like ice cream?

MR T.: i pity teh fool who doesnt like ice cream!
by mr. beck's advisory March 4, 2009
Mr. T's "I pity the fool" means he literally feels bad for the person on whom he will be whupping their ass.
I pity the fool who threads on me.
by jeek620 December 1, 2022