Lobo is often depicted ruining people's shit
by Esch8 March 15, 2003
The most badass comic book character ever. Lobo is an alien who's always stomping peoples faces in on planet Eart.
Be sure to check out the Lobo Christmas edition comic book! He shows Santa who's boss!
by werwertwgg432 January 17, 2005
Lobo is a term that can replace somebody's name, used to describe them as a sexy beast.
Derek: Hey, anybody seen Lobo around these parts?
Michael: Lobo? I think he got up early this morning to get some bread
by Weemurdo October 30, 2018
1. balloon in philipino
2.wolf in spanish
3. lobes in latin
4. a common portuguese/indian last name
5. super badass comic book character
1. i got a lobo today.
2. yo look at that scary lobo
3. you have a nice lobo
4. Jacob lobo
5. LOBO kicks all kinds of ass
by lisaspeaks June 30, 2011
Guy 1: We can watch "The Middle Men" first and then we can lobo to "The Other Guys"
Guy 2: Okay...
by Doooodoode August 16, 2010
He is a wanna be gangster who has zero friends also he thinks its kool to pretend he has a girlfriend named erika
Lobo is a loser and he thinks hes black which he aint so get some friends and stop saying yeaaaa ahhhhh and waz zzzzzzzzupp
by Jake March 15, 2005
A descendant of Loki,and also an undocumented demigod.
Lobo has found his human vessel,and is now walking amongst mortals.
by lobonightshade February 26, 2017