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An interesting intelligent Russian/Austrian girl with a great sense of humor, stunning looks and amazing personality and shit load of Instagram followers. Hanna's personality is a shot of something not easily find able and good enough to crave for. Hanna is also short and flat chested she likes working in the rain. Hanna's favorite number is 9999 (also her tag Hanna#9999) and people keep telling her she looks good. She really likes Oliver Heldens and wants to become a DJ.
Rick : "Hey dude I dmed Hanna, will she reply"
Man : "Lmao noob, even your mom doesn't reply to your DMs and you expect Hanna to?"
by guccishadesnohat May 20, 2019
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A very sweet girl who is shy but very crazy once you meet her. She's smart, talented, and funny. Shes a master of making funny faces and will make you laugh till you cry. Whenever you need help with homework, hanna is always there to help you. She'll literally do anything to help you and is just the most purest person you'll meet. She thinks she's ugly but she's actually the most cutest, prettiest, and adorable looking person you know. She gives you the best compliment even when you don't need it. The only person that can comfort you is probably hanna. You NEED a hanna in your life. I don't know what you're doing with life if you don't have her.
Me: *I did bad on my audition*
Mom: "You should've practiced more."
Hanna: "Harin! I'm sure you did good. You always do"

*I'm sad*
"Where's hanna at"
by yourbestfriendhaha April 30, 2020
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Hanna is a very beautiful person but can be shy sometimes but if you know her well enough she will act very goofy and loud around you also When you see her you feel joy because Hanna is just the best person in the whole world and your lucky if you have a friend or girlfriend named Hanna because she is just everything you wished for in one special girl...
Omg that is Hanna she is super hot
by Xanderk March 04, 2019
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A Hanna is the best kind of friend she hates when people put h’s on the end of the name, but that’s what cute about her. she is a forgiving person and could never hurt a fly. loves animals, most people and different kinds of arts. a blue eyed beauty who could steal all the guys. Hanna’s have a bunch of friends and accepts anyone. never upset but not always happy. people discribe Hanna as sweet, kind, loving, loyal, fun, silly, goofy.
boy 1-ew who wants a Hanna anyways

boy 2- are you kidding me a Hanna is the best thing that will happen in someone’s life.
*Hanna walks by and smiles*
boy 1- Man your right she’s perfect
by pinkbluegreen34 February 12, 2019
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Hanna is a very sweet person with a kind heart, just dont get on their last nerves, or beware. She loves to hang with her friends, and she is a bit of a flirt. Hannas are beautiful women, with long hair and beautiful eyes. Hannas are not very sporty but are very competitive people. They would fight to the death if they had to.
Boy: I just met hanna today and I think I'm in love.♡
Friend: yea, she is really pretty!
by Hanna♡ October 17, 2018
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A name often synonymous to beautiful. A person with the name Hanna hates it if you put an h at the end of her name, which is part of what makes her so cute. Hanna is a girl who can steal your heart in one day. Hanna is a girl who will laugh at you if you do something stupid. Hanna is a girl who will forgive you for your dumb mistakes. Hanna is a girl who has beautiful brown hair and is great dancer but will never admit it. Hanna is a girl who is fun to be around. Hanna is a girl who will make you smile just by having her name come up on your phone. Hanna is the kind of girl you try to hold on to. Hanna is perfection.
douche: Pshh who needs Hanna?

smart person: Wow your a douche. That girl is perfection. Be glad you ever dated a girl like her. Shes way out of anyones league.
by dylplet&hlc<3 April 10, 2011
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