1.) Superlative of the adjective athy

2.) Misspelling of "Atheist"
athy, athier, athiest

"Waddya don't believe in the buy-bull? You sum sorta hellbound athiest?"
by Hairysteed February 04, 2008
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A teenager that says he/she does not believe in God in order to rebel against parents or some other authority figure. An "athiest" usually becomes a Christian within a couple of years. Sometimes they eventually learn how to spell the word "atheist", and then go around proclaiming they were atheists until they "felt God's presence" or some other bullshit.
My parent's made me go to church yesterday, and I wanted to play video games instead, so now I am an athiest.
by LVBen August 23, 2007
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One who does not believe in a god or gods.
Sometimes stereotyped to be intolerant to religons.
They are not all intolerant. It is simply not believing in a higher being. If one should be free to be a certain religon without being intolerant, one should be free to not believe in a god(s) without being intolerant.

*Not to be confused with agnostic*
How I would hope it would go-
Christain: I'm Catholic.
Athiest: Oh, that's fine.
Christian: Well, what are you?
Athiest: Oh, I'm an athiest.
Christian: Oh, well that's cool.

Ways it may go but not many people would not want-
Religous person: I'm Catholic
Athiest: That's cool.
RP: Well, what about you?
Athiest: Well, I'm an athiest.
RP: You son of a bitch! You're going to Hell, stupid!

RP: I'm Catholic
Athiest: Oh my god! You're so stupid thee is no higher being! The Bible is fictional.
RP: B-B-but
Athiest: No! Shut-up!
by Must I put something here? September 30, 2007
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The beleif that there is no "higher power" or god.

The best religous beleif in which there are no dumb rules and our lives don't revolve some book.

I am athiest but i'm not a hater and respect others beleifs. i also am humane . Murder is wrong. No matter what.
"Are you going to church this Sunday"?

No, I'm an athiest.
I'm not gonna waste my time with that holyshit!
by PartyGuy November 30, 2007
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