1) word used by Zahler in Scott Westerfeld book "The Last Days" Words also used fexelent and fawesome. To break away from the mainstream and express his creativity Zahler puts the letter 'F' infront of adjectives. Or he simply might mean the definition below.

2) fucking cool
1) fool shoes; where'd you get 'em?

2) same example applies
by Dara Helaina January 7, 2008
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1- it means and idiot , or dumb person

2-an egyptian kind of food made of beans that makes ppl turns idiotic or dumb ....but its not called fool for that reason but its just a coincidence :)
1- a: hand me the ball fool
2- ahmed :why cant you right any thing in the exam

mohammed : sory i ate fool in the morning ...so you know ..:S

ahmed :ohh
by vodca333 December 14, 2009
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Someone who plays too much or is just stupid.
Person1: "He's such a fool!
Person2: "What'd he do?"
Person1: "Trashed your house..."
Person2: "Wait...He is going to die..."
Person1: "Yay! I wanna see some action!"
by taehee101 January 11, 2016
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a) Idiot.
b) Word used with gangsta words such as homie ect.
c) Combo of Cool and Fun.
a) You make us look like fools!
b) Yo, fool, muh homie g.
c) That was sooo fool.
by Frank1000 July 28, 2005
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