What Mr. T calls people he don't like, but minues the L, so stop that jiba jaba, foo'!
You foo' betta get away from me!
I pitty da foo!
by Jiub June 16, 2003
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Falling Out Of Love

F - Falling
O - Out
O - Of
L - Love
Love intrest: *Flakes* *shit**Excuses*
Dude: Good thing I'm F.O.O.L
via giphy
by NOTHANKSOGO August 31, 2017
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1- it means and idiot , or dumb person

2-an egyptian kind of food made of beans that makes ppl turns idiotic or dumb ....but its not called fool for that reason but its just a coincidence :)
1- a: hand me the ball fool
2- ahmed :why cant you right any thing in the exam

mohammed : sory i ate fool in the morning ...so you know ..:S

ahmed :ohh
by vodca333 December 14, 2009
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A group of roughly about 40 dubbed friends, generally in the Orlando, FL area bent on making the world a statement that you can still have a lot of fun without the influence of drugs, alcohol or recreational drugs. This group of friends have created a their own unique lingo from old-fashioned phrases and interesting-sounding words. The creators of The Fools, Kristen Richardson, Laura Lewis, and Aaron Rogers, created this aspiring group during the birthday party of Laura Lewis along with a few other unnamed individuals.
I love The Fools; everything The Fools do is so trendy and exciting; The Fools sure know how to have fun!
by aaronrogers May 11, 2009
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A fool is an individual who has the attributes of someone who is both funny and cool.
A Fool Individual: I'm pretty fool, don't you agree?
Normal Person: I most certainly do.
by The One They Call Fool May 17, 2012
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A term of endearment used between people who know each other. This word is only used this way in miami and the greater miami area. It is similar to the way black people use homeboy or homegirl.
What dey do fool?
Naw fool I'm straight, I already got one.
by Topshatta March 15, 2006
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