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The act of fucking someone over; The act of pulling a 'fast one'.
That girl said she'd meet me at Thirsty Bear, but she gave me the fat dick and didn't show up.
by E ~ Dub November 05, 2008
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A dude whose dick isn't that long but its fat and thick as hell thats whats up!
man my boo got a fat ass dick that shit had me screaming last night!!!
by Sexy T. May 26, 2005
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To screw someone over by not showing up or calling when plans have been made.
Well, Jasper is 30 minutes late. Looks like he fat dicked us once again...
by Asa Guy August 12, 2007
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To make one believe an event will occur when in fact it does not. Also known as "psyche"!
If a man was stood up on a date, he was fatdicked
by diceyj January 09, 2004
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