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Noun: marijuana, weed, grass

Verb: (To Lage) the act of smoking marijuana. The opposite of rage.

Adj/Adv: (Laged) the state of mind of being stoned
noun: Let's go smoke some lage.

verb: I laged earlier and am so hungry right now. I don't want to rage, I want to lage!

adj./adv.: That laged idiot forgot he had a pot of boiling water on the stove.
by SS February 29, 2004
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1.Lages, formerly Lajens, is a Brazilian town located in the central part of the state of Santa Catarina, in the region known in Portuguese as "Planalto Serrano".

2.The last name of many Brazilian Families
I went to that town in Brazil, you know Lages.
by Amy Marie Williams May 04, 2009
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The feeling that you get when you go to the fridge and find out that the food you had been saving from the night before for yourself is not there. That kung pao chicken that you had purposely ate half of to save for the next day has disappeared. The pizza that you had hidden behind all the food in the fridge to conceal from your pesky little sibling is now no longer there. The food that you had waited all day and rushed home to eat no longer exists. Anger burns through your body at the thought of the horrible, evil fiend who had taken what was rightfully yours. You feel frustration and rage start to rise. You are becoming more and more enraged as you hear your stomach start to growl, craving for the food that you thought you once had but now no longer do. The only thought running through your mind is vengeance. You are experiencing lage.
Tom is feeling lage because he couldn't find his leftovers from the night before.
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by uhteekuh August 29, 2018
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