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The opposite behavior of 98% of the population below age 21.

Sophistication is a mix of knowing when a joke's over, caring somewhat about the consequences of your actions, talking about something of reasonable importance, having a good dose of common sense, not letting your immediate reactions control your life, knowing how much information is TOO much information, and not wearing wearing your jeans lower than your underwear.
Sophistiated: "Hi, Jenna. It's great to hear from you again! Yes, I'd love to come over for dinner, thanks. 6:30 works perfectly. I'll see you there!"

Unsophisticated. "Oh em gee. JENNA! I can so so not believe it's you, like, omigosh! Can I like...stop by or something? 'Cause my ex is in town, and he's SOOOOOOOOOO annoying. Like, stalker-ish annoying. It's sort of freaky -- hey, hello?! Like, are you still there?"

Sophisticated e-mail: Ms. Thompson, I will not be in your 4th period history class today because of an illness I've contracted. Can you please send the homework assignment to me? Thanks, Corina.

Unsophisticated e-mail: ummmmmmmmm hi ms t this is corina and im sick so liek i cant come to class and i need the hw k bai
by Just somebody. February 20, 2007
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I couldn’t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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The definition of sophisticated is actually knowing your head from your buttocks. It does not require having a brain, for jellyfish seem to get along just right with a minimal amount of sophisticatiton. Even the tiniest rock uses somewhat of an amount of sophistication just to sit quietly (unless thrown or something of the sort) throughout the day.
"The young master was very sophisticated."
by samuchan January 10, 2015
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An evening out in Tunbridge Wells, beginning with a comfortable meal folowed by a few quiet drinks and genteel mocking of the locals
DOB took everyone out for a sophisticated evening. They rejected this, got drunk on many shots from Weatherspoons, chased all the people from New Beacon around trying to smash box. Lauara let them all off because it doesn't count if it happens on a night out, DOB brushed any accusations of old age off like a solid turd and tried to smash a teenager.

NAM and Clayton decided to double team some granny from the kebab shop, and Clayton now has to wear an eyepatch due to friendly fire from NAM who has had too many protien shakes.

Sophisticated - we know the real meaning!
by DOB123 February 18, 2011
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To use large vocabulary and intellectual knowledge and phrases. For one to be sophisticated one must always refer to one as one individual who is capable of comprehending and translating different intellectual knowledge and terminology. The most important thing into being a sophisticated human of mankind is to always perform the act of wise hand gestures. This will show the people "I know what I'm talking about". Also, wear neutral and sometimes rather boring colors to come across to people that you are on of sophisticated intelligence and not to be messed with... by turtles.
*Hand gestured begin* thy turtles are thus sophisticated mortals in thy spherical orbiting planetary object in which we inhabit in the name "earth".
by swaggie turtle May 24, 2013
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An exercise in sophistry that if you don't understand this (whatever) at least as well as I'm pretending to, then you're obviously a moron!
"The bouquet on this 1983 Chateau DePlonk is divinely sophisticated darling... (when it actually smells like skunk shit)... it has a persimmon lavender attack and a finish with notes of sour raspberry cum-shot sauce... It only costs $350 a bottle"
by Yuill October 17, 2011
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