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To sell cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. Originating from the term 'fold' in poker, meaning to concede the game and abandon your hand of cards, with the last two letters reversed. As the spelling mistake hodl became viral in the world of bitcoin, meaning to hold (not sell) BTC, no matter what happened to the price, so the term 'fodl' was adopted for those who are forced to sell when the price is falling, in order to cut their losses. Sometimes written in all caps as FODL.

The person who sells, or folds, becomes the folder or FODL’r: someone who puts money into the crypto market with the intentions of letting it grow but runs into hard times and is forced to sell due to personal circumstances.
"You gotta know when to hodl 'em, know when to fodl 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run."
A direct misquote of the Kenny Rogers song "The Gambler", with the words 'hodl' and 'fodl 'substituted for 'hold' and 'fold'.
by katabatik May 11, 2018
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