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An "on purpose, kinda" misspelling of "hold" - first coined in the altcoin sphere in 2013 & later said to imply "Hold On for Dear Life". It reinforces the financial concept that you don't sell in a Bear Market. You ride it until the bitter end, or the price comes back up. (Hint: Crypto prices usually comes back up.)

First use reference:
When the trading prices keep dropping embarrassingly low, keep hodling! This isn't Penny Stocks - it will come back up eventually.
by aDarkling July 12, 2017
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An enthusiastic misspelling of Hold, prompting bitcoin users to avoid the temptation of selling off their coins once price starts rising.
- BTC is trading over $300 today, I'm thinking about selling...
- HODL!!!1!1ONE
by netspider December 19, 2015
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holding onto an equity share or cryptocurrency until the market value reaches close to $0, in the hope that one day it will return to previous high prices (aka 'moon').
"don't sell. HODL! Moon next"
by RealityTruth November 19, 2018
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Short for hands on dick lover. Used to describe people that engage in frequent or anonymous casual sex.
Man, Tina now going with that Sargent pepper looking dude? She is quite the HODL.
by WavesForever April 18, 2018
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