when morbidly obese people "fuck" or have extremely hardcore sex (eww). the term comes from the idea of the fat (or flubber) is bounced or jiggled vigorously. its disgusting, but its real.
If two sumo-wrestlers hooked up it would be considered flubbering
by cmsg January 9, 2011
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acting foolish at 4am on new years
dam man, he is flubbering too much!
by jelly mere January 2, 2010
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A blob of slimy goo that defies gravity. Ranged in color from black to lime-green. Makes cars fly and basketball players jump to stupefying heights. From FLying rUBBER.
That's exactly what it is. Flying rubber. IT'S FLUBBER!!
by Chad February 13, 2004
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Flubber is the brown crust found on the underside of a fried egg when cooked too quickly.
"Mum, my egg has flubber on it"
by zzx27 February 28, 2006
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Ooze-like product derived after stabbing a grossly obese person. It has the potential to solve the world's energy problem, can be used for cosmetics, & can also be fed to starving african children. Could be removed via medical procedure, but desperate hooligans are known to shank fatasses after chasing them around for a couple of blocks, then selling the contraband flubber at exploded prices, or using it themselves for sustenance.
Ever since the diet craze, we've been having flubber shortage... what the fuck am I supposed to do for heat, food, make-up, and fuel? Dogshit? Fuck that! I'm gonna shank me a fatass...
by tubarao January 22, 2008
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Melding of the words flab and blubber. Used to describe the extra fat hanging aroud the waistline.
Clasping the top button of your pants accentuates your flubber.
by Carrie C. February 13, 2006
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