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Sequel to the most linear shooter ever. (you know f(x)=x)
Seriously, this game is too fucking linear.

You have a crowbar (gun "1"), it takes out enemy "A" (first enemy encountered) with realtive ease.
Enemy "B" comes along, the crowbar does not work well against enemy "B"...
So you find gun "2", it is effective at killing enemy "B" and anything lower than enemy "B"...
Enemy "C" comes along and the process repeats until you get some god-like gun that kills everything.

Great A.I.?
My ass...
The A.I. is dumb as shit, if the fucking thing sees you it will stay still wherever it is and shoot at you no matter where you go or what gun it has.
If you want insane A.I. give HALO 2 in legendary a spin, THAT is good A.I.

Its does have good graphics, but I still prefer the Unreal Engine 2 (UT2K4), its more flexible and powerful.
However, no one gives a shit about graphics if the game sucks ass. (except fanboys and graphics whores).

I'm not saying this is a bad game, but from a gameplay stance, this is piss poor. Truly good gameplay resembles TLG's System Shock 2. This game dissapoints, just like the first.
~ HL fanboy, the worst kind
by Chad March 17, 2005
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some boring class that i have to take, or quit high school.
aww... crap i have to go to information literacy next.
by Chad January 25, 2005
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Another nickname for the Viacom V of Doom logo
The Killer V at the end of the Twilight Zone used to scare the bejeezus out me.
by Chad June 4, 2004
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Nickname for Screen Gems, due to their frightening closing logo, the S From Hell.
The Scream Gems S From Hell is a 5-second horror movie, surely to give you nightmares.
by Chad June 4, 2004
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chicken you get at a chinese food restaurant.
Would yo like some chinken wif yo pork fry rice?
by Chad May 6, 2004
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To totally fuck someone up. As in to beat their ass or just fuck up someone's day.
I wouldn't mess with that guy, he might wreck my shit.

The Patriots beat the Panthers... Well, that just wrecked my shit.
by Chad February 9, 2004
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Another word for hello and goodbye, from the ruggy tribe.
Ewwwl, Kurt and that.
by Chad November 16, 2004
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