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1:A firecracker
2:A thin, crisp wafer
3:One whom cracks illegally into another's computer or network
4:A racist term used against Caucasians/Whites
The word cracker has many meanings.
by Chad December 29, 2003

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Of Jamaican origin
1. Thug, gangster, a man not to be messed with
2. Killer, assassin, known murderer, has a gun and will use it
3. A term of respect between friends
1. Man a shotta, you no wah vex man like me
Translation: I'm a gangster, you don't want to piss me off

2. Yow we need some shotta fi deal wid di case
Translation: Hey, we need some killer to handle this problem

3. Yow what a gwaan shotta yute
Translation: Hey what's up my friend
by Chad March 10, 2004

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By Us Fuck You
we wear BUFU
by Chad November 10, 2003

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An Evil Commie peice of shit.
Kim Jong Il starved his own people. He gets all the imports for himself.

Kim Jong Il is a huge fan of Daffy Duck.
by chad April 08, 2005

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Water closet, shitter
Where's the WC? I need to take a dump.
by Chad December 27, 2003

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Actions or behavior consistent with being an asshole
I was fired in my boss's latest fit of assholery.
by Chad December 03, 2003

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The state of Minnesota between the months on October and April.
Brrrr! I'm from Minnesnowta! Yah, sure you betcha!
by Chad December 01, 2003

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