Shortage - a clever way to describe a collection of things in a deminishing size (collective noun).
What is the collective noun for a collection of dwarves? Oh, you mean 'A shortage'!
by Domnic April 9, 2015
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A man has a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to run one at a time. A Blood Shortage occurs when you have to think logically while you have an erection. This cannot be done and the results are usually not desired.
Dude, she was hot, I had Blood Shortage...and now I'm on Valtrex.
by RustyT December 18, 2004
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Worker shortage describes the set of circumstances where employers do not pay sufficient renumeration to compensate people for the work being carried out. More commonly known in the past as 'not paying enough for them to give a damb' the term worker-shortage has been used as a comfort blanket for employers to help them in their delusion that paying poverty wages is sufficient. The term is widely used in error and by institutions that see workers as a controllable expense rather than human beings.
The lack of wage inflation for the decades has caused a worker shortage in the lowest paid jobs.
by Irish connection October 6, 2021
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January 7th the tragic day when all the conkers in Leicester were munched and gobbled up by Teece Roolan (current conker eating world record holder) . Kids woke up with despair as they woke up and found there were no conkers left . Go to the go fund me page to help Teece’s addiction.
Oh no it’s January 7th the day of Leicester’s conker shortage, let’s have a minute of silence for the lost conkers
by Munchies261019 October 26, 2019
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The ultimate downfall of mankind. The Sanitary Supply Shortage, refers to a shortage in the availability of toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, or in some cases, even leaves.

Whether it's a glance at the empty roll when finishing up on the toilet seat, or an empty tissue box after excessive masturbation, a Sanitary Supply Shortage, will induce panic in even the most prominent of males.
Examples of Sanitary Supply Shortages:

Jimmy thought he would save time by doing his business in the forest. It wasn't until later, that he realised, he had forgotten to logically calculate, that it was winter time, and the trees had already shed their leaves.

Scott reached out to his tissue box to begin the cleanup, but instead of being greeted by the warm feel of an abundance of papery goodness; he felt cold card, it was at this point he knew, he would have to direct his search towards the trash can, for second hand sanitary supplies, were better than no sanitary supplies.
by Sampzky April 15, 2010
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when all of the eggo waffles go missing and people go crazy because there are no more waffles.
"OMG!!! there's an eggo shortage? nooo!!! we need our chocolate eggos...."
by iloveeggos November 18, 2009
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When a guy goes and has sex with someone, but nothin comes out and he ends up firing up blanks because he mastrubated to frequently before having sex.
As a result of jerking off 5 times a day, Simon went through a temporary White-Out Shortage when he had sex with his girl friend.

As a result of this hies girl friend dumped him and he started jerking off 6 times a day. He later sprained his wrist and needed his wrist to be amputated.
by OBAMA FOR THE WIN!!! November 15, 2008
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