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A (typically nerdy) attempt at flirting.
If I was an electron, you'd be named Fluorine, because you're extremely attractive. #flort
by Perry Fungus December 24, 2013
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Created when the word "chode" was banned from AP Gov class. Is a vagina that is wider than it is long.
Man that girl can fit three cocks across in her gaping wide flort.
by Can't be held down May 02, 2004
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A flort is a friendly, unintentional or low-key kind of flirt. It is used to sexually frustrate or is just not purposeful. If you are at a party with strangers and don't particularly like any of them, you might flort with a few just for fun or without even knowing it. A flort can also be a one-way flirt. One person detects it while the other does not.
Ellie: Hey, we should flirt with the guys tomorrow.
Marina: I wouldn't want them to get the wrong signals.
Chloe: Let's flort, then.
by Notyouraverageflorter December 13, 2016
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