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A stunning female.
Intelligent and quirky.
Overachiever, always wants to be the best.
Has a gorgeous body; skinny yet curvy.
Has an amazing personality, and a contagious smile.
by sorrymarilyn June 16, 2013
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The perfect girl, who carries my soul. She's got the most shining and beautiful smile and eyes, her presence makes me forget any problem. She is brave and vivid and has a lot of passion. The perfect combination of "sexy" and "cute". My little girl.
I love you Marina.
by L.A.S. rs April 12, 2013
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She is one with the ocean and the sea, she is kind, giving and forgiving to those who are deserving.

A Mermaid, with long beautiful hair, awesome smile, and beautiful golden skin.

A lover of all mankind, she will fight to the death for what is good and right.

She can be vengeful and full of wrath to those who are unjust.

Loving, kind, graceful, lover of chocolate and strong coffee.

Protector of the Ocean and the Sea, she keeps her watchful eye on all Mariners, Marine Life, Sailors and Sportsmen.

She is your best friend and keeper of you secrets, she is you lover and your protector.
by John623 February 02, 2010
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Marina is the most beautiful girl in the world. You may mistaken her for being shy, but you are wrong! She is the life of the party when around the right people. She has the biggest heart and loves to love and to be loved. Her love for other people and animals is unreal. Her long wavy brown hair and big brown eyes add to her seductive and mysterious mannerism. She is sexy and cute and is really the whole package. If you happen to meet a Marina, do not let her go, as she is definitely a keeper!
Boy: Damn! My girlfriend Marina is the hottest and sweetest girl! I show her off to my friends plus she's someone I can bring home to my family. Everyone loves her... but obviously I love her most! ;)
by surfsnowskate March 28, 2017
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She is the best girlfriend ever. She loves sports. She loves dogs. She is an affectionate person. Whenever you see her she will be smiling or laughing ( because that's what she's made out of). She loves challenges. She is the girl who makes you happy when your sad. She is your stress reliever!! Once she finds a guy she likes she will keep on to him and NEVER let him go!!

KEEP ON TO A MARINA!! You'll regret it if you dont hold on to her!!!
Person 1 have you seen Marina?
Person2 yeah she is the best a guy can ever get!!
by Nice, amazing, sweet May 01, 2017
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shes hot ,nice, good looking ,fun , really funny ,
the best friend you can have .

she got swag , and if fun to hang out with .
daaaaayum is that marina ?
yeah why ?
is she single ?
by lalaland101 August 19, 2011
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