The most beautiful girl you have ever seen in your life. Just seeing her makes your heart stop and do a flip. Marina is kind hearted, caring, quiet and the most perfect girl you have ever seen.
I hope, one day She will be my wife. I love you Marina.
by Yagan perry December 28, 2017
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Marina is the most beautiful girl in the world. You may mistaken her for being shy, but you are wrong! She is the life of the party when around the right people. She has the biggest heart and loves to love and to be loved. Her love for other people and animals is unreal. Her long wavy brown hair and big brown eyes add to her seductive and mysterious mannerism. She is sexy and cute and is really the whole package. If you happen to meet a Marina, do not let her go, as she is definitely a keeper!
Boy: Damn! My girlfriend Marina is the hottest and sweetest girl! I show her off to my friends plus she's someone I can bring home to my family. Everyone loves her... but obviously I love her most! ;)
by surfsnowskate March 15, 2017
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She is someone who is inspiring, someone talented and a keeper. She is the cutest thing you've ever saw and one of the most lovable girls out there. Once you come in contact with one there is no denying that she is the best girl any man would die for.
My goodness you're beatiful Marina.
by JC_patriot November 15, 2018
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The perfect girl, who carries my soul. She's got the most shining and beautiful smile and eyes, her presence makes me forget any problem. She is brave and vivid and has a lot of passion. The perfect combination of "sexy" and "cute". My little girl.
I love you Marina.
by L.A.S. rs April 13, 2013
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Marina is the type of girl you're always happy to talk to. She makes everything easier. She's a social butterfly and makes you feel great when days are bad. She's also super funny and has the best tastes in terms of music ! She's also really pretty and you'd be lucky to date a girl like Marina. Marina is an angel in disguise. A wingless angel. Even tho she can be stubborn sometimes you still love her endlessly because she's the one that makes you feel alive.
#1 : hey I've hear you're close with Marina ?
#2 : kind of.. I really like her she makes my heart flutters a lot !!
by annaknowstheworld January 30, 2020
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The best girl that you can ever meet, marina is a very kind and friendly person, she can be rude but she cares deep down, and also the best lover you'll ever find, she's romantic, she'll make you feel wanted, and she's also a great friend that you can talk to about anything and express your feelings, but she doesn't take crap from anyone, not even her lover, she's gonna make you scared for your life..
"Did you see marina today? She was stunning"

"I know right she's a catch, I'd love to know her better"
by DANIeeeeelLll November 24, 2019
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Did you see that Marina?
Yeah shes so cool.
by staytrue2you August 31, 2011
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