a shorter way of saying "that a girl!"

it's basically saying to someone "way to go!"
*maddie's team is tied with 5 seconds on the board, she shoots, and makes it in the last second of the game. her coach some over to congratulate her and says " ayyee, atta girl!" and pats her on the back.*
by flocka4pres May 26, 2015
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Meaning : someone who is extremely weird that word weird isn't enough to describe him. So creepy that word creepy isn't enough
there are lots of atta here
by jossr March 19, 2020
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A Persian name given entailing a strong, father like person. Atta is usually one of the best looking and intellectual people you will ever meet. Atta has endless knowledge on many subjects, and will love to talk about things they like in extensive detail. Everyone should be friends with someone called Atta, they are reliable and care a lot about their friends. Atta will sometimes be approached for advice or help, due to their special bond with people, and their very sociable personality.
"My new friend is called Atta, I just know he's a great person."
by atz21 June 22, 2021
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Kiwi/New Zealand slang for sure, whatever
"See that chick there cuz? rooted her lastnight"
"Atta not even boy!"
by The_Jackal August 16, 2006
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New Zealand/kiwi slang that can have multiple uses but usually used when youre pissed off.

Havent heard this since i lived is Gisborne years ago. Not sure if it originated there or what.

If youre reading this youre prob one of the people who remember this word, im gonna assume you are
Hori 1: fuck youre dumb
Hori 2: attah bay youre dumberer
by Ofere November 6, 2019
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A phrase used to show respect or appreciation towards the actions of another
"Hey I just got laid last night dude"
"Atta kid"
by Dmoney9 April 10, 2016
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A phrase used to congratulate someone on an accomplishment, a phrase commonly used by old men
sarah: Yes! I got my drivers license!
grandpa: Atta girl! I knew you could do it!
by hi7777777 February 18, 2010
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