Fluorine is an extremely reactive and poisonous chemical element with atomic number 9.
The lightest halogen and most electronegative element, fluorine exists as a pale yellow diatomic gas at standard conditions.
by kittens Σ:3 July 08, 2014
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This is a periodic table joke that translates into "FAg" |Fluorine (F)|Silver (Ag)|
your a real fluorine silver
by God_Of_Griefers March 16, 2016
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An intelligent way to say FUCK . Each element has a letter to represent it, Fluorine= F, Uranium=U, Carbon=C, Potassium= K.

Also Yittrium Oxygen Uranium can be added to say YOU.
Person 1: "Its your turn to clean the toilet."
Person 2: "Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium!"


Person 1: "Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium the test is today!"
Chem Teacher: "I see you're practice your elements for your test, good job!"
by Awesome Nerd. April 03, 2011
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The first 4 elements that sixth graders would try and look for when seeing the periodic table for the first time.
Kid 1: Hey, that's element F! I think it's pronounced fluorine!
Kid 2: I found C! C is for carbon!
Kid 1: And that's K! It stands for...potassium? What?
Kid 2: Is there a U somewhere?
Kid 1: I still don't get it, why is potassium called K?
Kid 3: Guys I found it! Down here! It's called uranium!
Kid 2: Oh yeah!
Kids 1, 2, and 3: (chanting) Fluorine uranium carbon potassium! Fluorine uranium...
by 1plus1DoesNotEqualPotato February 16, 2016
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Fluorine (F) uranium (U) Carbon (C) potassium (K), spells the word Fuck and is sometimes followed by yttrium (Y) oxygen (O) uranium (U) spells the word "you" and is a fun thing to yell and confuse everybody and there is that one person that laughs
Drew: fluorine uranium carbon potassium

Durham: wait what

Clint: haha
by Immense fiend October 20, 2015
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a clever way of spelling 'fuck you' only big brain people understand. gets past the roblox chat filter.

fluorine = F
uranium = U
carbon = C
potassium = K

yttrium = Y
oxygen = O
uranium = U
fluorine uranium carbon potassium yttrium oxygen uranium!
by therealloganpaul August 04, 2019
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