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One of the basic building blocks of the universe. Electrons are negatively charged and have a miniscule mass.
Are electrons waves or particles? Neither.
by zachwolff October 20, 2003
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An electron is not a particle or a wave a such, but actually a region of space surrounding a nucleus which "has a property of 'electron-ness'". These regions of space are fixed positions around the nucleus called orbitals. There are several types of orbital, each with its own shape and corresponding bond-type. 'Electron-ness' is the quality which allows electrons to exist in a state which is defined as electrons. Circular logic? You bet!
The electron leapt up two shells, and fell again, emitting beautiful red flashes and flickers. If it had been a person, it would have wept with joy at the sight. But it was just an electron.
by Donnelly February 12, 2004
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electron and orbital r not the same thing! an electron is the negative particle of an atom, although its proven it may behave like an electromagnetic wave. the orbital is just the track it follows when its spinnig around the nucleus of the atom. where did u forget ur chemistry book?
an example for electron? tricky.
by susy March 02, 2004
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