in a manner intended to avoid attracting attention.
He had entered the room inconspicuously.
by bbbux October 06, 2013
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Something inconspicuous may be described as not attracting attention, or to purposely divert attention from. The opposite of conspicuous.
We've hidden the vault in an inconspicuous location, it is password protected and the only person in the entire universe that knows the password is me.
by kylebsdf October 05, 2010
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A highly conspicuous individual who is, in all respects, a shallow, self-centered, narcissistic joke of a man. Jaded and bitter, they go for the brooding-artist appeal, though they have the absolute sum of zero talent. Also an individual who talks to a vast amount of girls at once, tries to win them over, and stops talking to them once he knows they want him. A dick, an ass, and a douchebag.
don't add him, that's an inconspicuous david.
by wutchujuando November 18, 2010
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To display with museum quality recessed lights in such a way as to cast a unified field of illumination. Typically the piece is protected a single velvet rope.
Dude, did you check out the inconspicuous hang of that poster? Lucky the velvet rope is there, those recessed lights are going to sprak a pilgrimage.
by hand model February 17, 2009
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Trys not to be easily noticed or seen by her outside beauty, wants to capture those with her soul and personality traits.
Orli Shoshan is an inconspicuous beauty, she trys to remain as inconspicuous as possible so that no one falls for her strikeing outside beauty.
by HypnotikH March 21, 2011
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The shed James May built in Top Gear Ground Force and subsequently destroyed by Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond
Richard: Hey did you see Top Gear Ground Force?
Jeremy: I did, I loved James Mays Inconspicuous Shed
by September 05, 2021
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