to flirt is to do a small or large gestures to show someone likes another person
boys will flirt by wanting to be near you and try to make you laugh, smile, and ask you who you like

girls will flirt by flashing a smile, laughing alot, give you hugs and will want to talk to you every time she gets the chance
by melani23 May 02, 2010
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The best sport ever. Can be taken as a sport.
I flirted with a really hot guy in school and he likes me.
by Venizia January 29, 2008
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What a girl does to get you to like her, but then sooner or later you find that she's already going out with someone, which makes you jealous.
You can make up your own example of flirt.
by spel itt rite January 14, 2006
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1.What a lot of people take wrong. It's not just TALKING, its the whole thing. Your body language must show you want that person more than a fat guy wants a McFlurry. You gotta own it. Anyway, (2.)it's how a guy scores (hopefully) a girl, or vice versa
Innocent dude talking to his friends who happens to be a group of girls: Hey, what's up?

Girls in the corner: Ohh, look at that bitch, flirting with other girls. Lets go tell his GF.

2.) Hey. I saw you looking at me and decided I should come over here before my pants exploded. You want to go get a bite to eat?
by This Awesome Guy August 15, 2009
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The activities which is performed to have a person's attention.
Oh, look at La's Ragnar! He is swinging his cudgel around that lucky girl! He is always busy with impetuous flirts.
by Ruff1 November 10, 2004
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someone who is unintentionally friendly to someone of the opposite sex. sometimes very innocent in the whole situation at hand.
by rodeam March 04, 2009
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