If you are a mo fo you are a mother fucker!!!!!
"You mo fo" says the boy "fuck you" you reply
by dan543 April 12, 2006
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Another examlpe of lazy black speech that illustrates they can't put the effort into even cursing correctly.
Look dat mo fo trippin on dose ho's.
by Moe Foe March 30, 2005
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Comes from the Latin root Mattus-La-Menacius, which was lost in translation several times to become mo fo. Mattus-La-Menacius was a Roman Centurion / dick sucker from 200 BC.

Legend has it that his descendance still lives on today in the canadian city of Montreal. They headed overseas in the 18th century after being banned from their countries for indecent behaviour, which is supposedly still going on today.

Calling someone a mo fo is the worst insult, yet quite a compliment for Mattus-La-Menacius...

Love ya Matt
Look at the Mo Fo... he seems to be screwing his sister...
by Tommy July 09, 2004
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mutha fu*ker (mostly used by my coisin Antwan)
dat supid azz mo fo get on my nerves!!!!!!
by Symone December 18, 2003
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