Someone who parts a channel within thirty seconds of joining. Not to be confused with link spammers, flirts rarely say anything other than Hi.
This channel gets a lot of flirts in it, huh?
by Pez the Mighty June 19, 2005
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being suductive with mike walmer(probably making you ali Bioth or meagan blazer.)
Wow look at mike walmer he is totally flirting with ALI BIOTCH (B-H)he is almost drooling
by Manya ( hahaha mike) you suck February 22, 2005
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Referring to a woman's vagina
Hey pretty momma, how about you give up that Flirt!
by Ea1125 May 19, 2016
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Flirting with your bf/gf and flirting with random guys/girls are two different things.

If u flirt with ur bf/gf, its natural. Couples cuddle, kiss, hugs, exchange romantic messages or even have sex.


If you flirt with other guys/girls though you have a gf/bf or married already, it means you're a:
2.heartless animal
6. Emotional abuser
7. Narcissistic
8. Nympho
9. Egoistic
10. Heart scammer
11. HIV and std infected cunt

And you should kill yourself already
Saki is such a flirt. He sends wink to all girls in a chatroom then ask them out to meet up, date then go to a hotel room after. He can count on his 2 hands the number of girls he flirted with within this week. Saki likes to pretend single in dating apps though he has a loving gf in real life already. He uses this typical flirt strategy to attract, deceive and victimize more girls. Flirting is Saki's favorite sport after all.
by mindfloss April 17, 2015
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