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A die-hard fan of the enormously talented Ryan Malcolm. Malcolmaniacs are those who keep up to date on Ryan's career, buy his albums, attend his concerts, chat on his message board, or anything else that may contibute to supporting his career.
Malcolmaniacs are the best fans a guy could ever ask for!
by Natalie February 16, 2005
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The judgment or stereotype of an individual or group based on their placement in society.
You would never see rich people and poor people to the same party
by Natalie March 31, 2005
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being cool, good, etc. if something is "scene", it is to be assumed that the thing in question is considered a good thing by the person in question. the phrase "to scene for you!" also comes into play, as a way of saying you're cooler than someone else.
"This band is so scene...they're hot sex!"
by Natalie January 20, 2004
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a dumbbutt who can't sing, act, or well, yeah she can look like crap....lol
ona my buddy buds broz saw her and he said shez a beeeeaatch and a bigass!
by Natalie October 11, 2003
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to be used like the saying "darn it" when you forget something, or you are frustrated
by Natalie March 7, 2004
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CUTPA: is it an abbreviation for Cock Up The Police Ass? it's something like FTP: Fuck The Police...
on the walls (grafitti...)CUTPA!!!
by Natalie February 25, 2004
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The Sims 2 is the sequel to the sims. It's a computer game with little people who you control and can either make them happy or depressed.
Girl: I am so bored, i want a fun pc game
Boy: Try Sims 2 - it rocks
by Natalie September 28, 2004
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