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"The fed" is a way of saying gossip or low-down. It can also mean whats up.
1. Hey guys, what's the fed?
by Natalie June 16, 2004
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Bob is the absolutely coolest kid i know! he's so funny and he's such a sweetie!
by Natalie April 17, 2005
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sexual intercourse; when a man gets horny and thusly he and his women strip and hump their pelvis's together till they yell with happiness; fucking
Leonard did the nasty last night with Molly.
by Natalie January 11, 2005
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A glossier Dawson's Creek, with hot characters, sex, drugs and rock and roll, real life issues and a fab soundtrack.
Whats a great tv show for teens?

The O.C
by Natalie September 2, 2004
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1. to show sumone wassup in a fight..to fight

2. put in money to cap bud or drugz
1. throw it down homeboii...
2. nigga throw down at least 10 dollarz so0 we can cap a gerb
by Natalie July 16, 2004
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TMV stands for The Mars Volta. The most fucking kickass band on the planet.
Me: Have you heard of TMV?
You: No
Me: That makes sense because you are an MTV watching conformist.
by Natalie January 23, 2005
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