Caused by the stuffing of bananas up the anus.

Often experienced by veteran porn actors. e.g. Bree Olsen, Carmella Bing, Gianna Michaels, Flower Tucci.
Bill: 'Arghhh, too many bananas'. FISSURE!

Alana: 'hehehehhe'
by yokel of Melbourne August 30, 2008
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Open wounds in the skin. Usually gaping and the source of a nasty odor, they usually occur on or around the anus and buttox areas. See George W Olson for an example.
The rot that lives in George's gaping fissures forced me to sleep on the couch.
by Rob Kudla February 22, 2004
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When you have such a large dry shit that it literally tears your ass so that there is blood on the TP when you wipe
I ate the whole bucket of popcorn at the movie theater - if I don't have a an ass fissure it will be a miracle.
by Merkin March 5, 2007
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- noun

Specific term used to relay the pain associated with the inappropriate use of child-safe toys in sex games.
Person 1: I thought it would be funny to see if I could fist myself with Optimus Prime, but I blew out my rectum.

Person 2: Looks like you paid the *lowers sunglasses* Fissure Price...
by retardedgenius October 24, 2011
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Scissoring buttholes, like what lesbians do with their clitorii.
He invited her over to Netflix and fissure scissor.
by E6000 January 30, 2016
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A crack in your ass, literally. May cause proliferate bleeding, see a doctor.
I ate a bunch of glass for breakfast and the next day I had a butt fissure, who knew?
by Flaquita June 6, 2006
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