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The brains of any Artillery battery, these men work with retarded no brain monkeys known as "gun Bunnies".
The FDC is a kick-ass group of crazy killers...and stuff.
by dave January 16, 2003
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Deutsche for "ghost".
"The haunted house is full of geists."
"Ghosts I mean."
"Uh, riiiight."
by dave September 9, 2004
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Another term for a splinter cell is a type of cell (aka : militia-type group) that is seperated into an, often secret, location.

Splinter Cell is the name of a kickass game from Tom Clancy (even though there is a claim that he had no relation whatsoever to its development), brought to us by Ubisoft. Sam Fisher is a splinter cell, working overseas by himself, but equipped with technology that lets his buddies in the US government pinpoint his every location and every doing.
"Being monitored 24-7 sounds like hell actually."
by dave March 26, 2004
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verizon wireless, thinks they can charge me for roaming when the phone screen says "verizon" on it
by dave December 13, 2003
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abbreviation for Typical Ridgewood Kid commonly pronounced like "turk."
you're such a trk, driving your land rover and wearing your preppy clothes.
by dave January 31, 2005
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A plumpkin is the act of receiving oral sex while taking a dump. Could be considered gross, but the feeling achieved during orgasm is really pulsating.
My buddy got his first plumpkin last night and nearly busted his prostate!
by dave April 1, 2005
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being owned to a further degree
desiree is ownt by dave
by dave March 21, 2004
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