One who takes advantages of whatever opportunites confront them.
My brother is really opportunistic. He's only 25 and already the CEO of an international company.
by sublimal June 4, 2004
someone who immediately takes advantage of a situation to reap some personal benefits
An opportunist will use people or step on toes to get what they want.
by Gerard Irick January 14, 2010
A person willing to befriend any person regardless of race, creed, gender, sexuality or socioeconomic status in the relationship benefits them directly or indirectly by improving their public image. A pure opportunist may be a sociopath, if not they will possess sociopathic qualities. They are not to confused with a scammer or charlatan whose purpose in the moment is a singular task and is not concerned with allegations or their reputation. The opportunist always plays the long-con even if the actions are not scandalous it is still a con due to the fact the motivation is to always position one self to be able to capitalize on any future unforeseen opportunities without attracting suspicion. The opportunist is a illusionist and a mechanic who has a deck full of trump cards and can deal off the boom of the deck.
The man is a master opportunist, he got me an undeserved promotion then pressured me into unethical behavior as a favor, reported my actions and the company was vilified in the media while he purchased the closest competitor before the mews broke and cornered the market.
by CocoChavez August 8, 2019
Someone who see's a chance to move onto the next best thing.
"Last night I found out my girl is an opportunist man. She found another man with the tickets that I missed out on and just straight dumped me
by xXZDXx January 24, 2012
On an average day to day basis, an opportunist is a person who takes immediate advantage of an opportunity to achieve a goal and doesn't even think about the morals, ethics, principles or consequences of that action. They tend to put expediency over morality.

Usually describes desperate people who have never gotten any and dumb criminals.
That girl had a one night stand with some guy she met off the street and got knocked up. She is such an opportunist.

Not to mention a slut.
What was that dude thinking when he tried to steal that laptop? There were security camera's everywhere! What a dumb opportunist.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e September 18, 2007
Someone who takes advantage of situations and people to get what they want. They put material and superficial things above people, and their wants over the needs of others. In a way, many politicians are also opportunists because they take advantage of the socially downtrodden to shove socialism and more government down our throats.
An opportunist is a dngerous person and should never be trusted.
by May 10, 2009
A seeker of opportunity. A person who maximizes his/her benefit in every action he/she takes.
I played that bitch for her pussy and her money...motherfuckin' right yo...I'm an opportunist!
by Opportunistic One December 5, 2007