The same as one of the definitions of "on lock", to be totally in control of a situation.
by Saucy August 15, 2003
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to confirm that something is taken care of; the situation is under control or lockdown
Reservations have been made at the hotel, the limo is taken care of, called the place we're, it's all under lockdown!!
by Barbi.doll March 8, 2005
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lockdown comes from the prisons, but is also used instead of 'grounded'
by Rastafari July 31, 2004
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a brotha or sista who significent other defines his or her where abouts; who controls their partners social activities.
Yo check it!, sista got Tyrese on mad lock down again this weekend, brotha won't be able to hang.
by Steve June 21, 2003
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The word 'lock down' in basketball is used when someone cant get past someone else without getting the ball tapped
Michael Jordan - Hey scott, why cant rich ever beat u
scott - cos i got him on 'lock down'
rich - i wish i could get the ball past scott, he is so good
by richard wilson-speakmon April 1, 2007
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Single, makin out with random people, crackbeez, flirting, hollerin.
Margo and Rachel are not locked down.
I wanna sleep with them and make it rain on them.
Maybe fornicate on their chest ;).
by crackbeez July 15, 2008
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1) Another word for grounded.

2) When a person that is a threat walks into the school, Lock Down will happen. Lock down is when everyone goes to the nearest classroom, if not in one, lock their doors and hide in a corner away from windows.
1)I can't go to the dance, i'm in lock down.

2)An angry man runs into the school with a knife, and lock down was said over the speaker.
by Pancake Batter March 10, 2009
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