the initial advantage gained by one side in any game, contest or competition.
"The Chargers drew first blood in their game against the Giants, scoring a touchdown late in the first quarter."
by ColdOne January 11, 2007
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(of DotA)

What you'll hear because
(1) the opponent in your lane is a pro
(2) you are a noob
(3) techies sneaks out from behind

that'll cause you to:
(1) kick the CPU
(2) bang the keyboard
(3) punch the monitor
(4) slap your girlfriend who distracted you
(5) and the least violent method: leave game
leaverpool: techies gone, top and bot care.
leaverpool: wtf! zzz -.-
by insaneeto April 22, 2006
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The time when a man kills another man for the first time in honorable combat.
I was only 21 when I experienced my first blood. Since then, nobody's ever fucked with me.
by Robertino October 17, 2005
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First blood has nothing to do with a game.

It means a girl's first period.

Also known as menarche.
"What does 'pop your cherry' mean?" David asked. "Is it like a girl's first blood?"
by use with caution January 30, 2008
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what the Narrator of a game says after the first kill occurs.
Jimmy (true Noob): Oh i totally got this Noob.
Narrator: "First Blood"
Jimmy: WTF, thats totally bullshit.
Pro: hahahahahahah
by dick Johnnie Walker October 14, 2009
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When your opponent strikes at you first, without any provocation from you....Thus, the opponent inflicts the first harm, by which he or she causes you to bleed or be harmed.
The Sheriff's Election has really grown nasty! The cruel comments the Sheriff's deputies stated about the challenger running for the Sheriff's office were unprovoked. The deputies have drawn First Blood, in an effort to keep their Sheriff (Employer) in office.
by Woo-Moo October 14, 2008
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When you pop a girls cherry for the first and only time. Because there can only one first blood.
“Damn Jimbo did you fuck Lisha?”
Yeah man I got her First Blood.”
by Gumbotime July 1, 2018
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