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Lisha is a funny and innocent girl. She can make u feel guilty about anything and everything. Gets what she wants and does what she wants. She is very easy going and chilled, best friend material
You get a present from a stranger : ''omg that girl must be a Lisha''
by Corniti February 19, 2015
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Amazing, fun, gorgeous, Cutie with a big big big booty,overall the best girl you would ever meet. Usually many are jealous of a girl with this name. She loves to have a great time and enjoys life in every aspect. Not too fond of small talk and enjoys a good fight. Lots of attitude, but shows for it. Great kisser and a go getter. Whatever a lisha wants, trust a Lisha gets.
Life = Lisha
Oh who's that gorgeous girl walking,"It must be Lisha,Lesha".
by stophatin222 November 03, 2010
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Usually a firey red head who has an attitude to match. She is very sexually frustrated most days and sometimes fixes that by masturbating with a large black dildo. is usually a remarkbly good looking lass, but sometimes is a bit of a shazza.
is known to get down and dirty once induced with alcohol and doesn't mind getting naked and giving raunchy lap dances.
Lisha loves to get drunk and take control of her boyfriend by making him give her head until she squirts
boy 1: hey are you having that party at yours tonight?
boy 2: yeah man, why?
Boy 1: invite lisha, you know your going to get a naked lap dances
boy 2: SHIT YEAHH!
by horny666 August 11, 2010
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