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disrespectful comments made toward or about someone

all through the interview, all he did was talk smack about A-Rod...not cool!

"don't lay any of your smack on ME, flip!"
by ColdOne November 14, 2005
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the fear or reluctance of dialing the last digit of a phone number; seen most commonly among guys who get the number of a girl they like and want to ask out, but then fail to muster up enough courage to complete the call, usually stopping before punching in the very last key of the number.
Dude #1: "Denise gave Adam her home phone number, and he was so stoked about it he said he would give her a call last night. But I guess he must be suffering from last digit syndrome, since all he kept dialing was "555-236...and it stopped there every time!"

Dude #2: "Ha! well hopefully he'll grow a set by tonight and try again....hotties like Denise don't stay single for very long, ya know!"
by ColdOne September 3, 2006
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1) billiards (from the number "8" ball that is to be sunk after all the others to win the game).

2) to be "8 balled" is to be in a difficult or impossible situation.
1) wanna go play some 8 ball at o'reilly's?

2) better get a lawyer to read that contract before you sign it, otherwise you could get 8 balled.
by ColdOne June 27, 2004
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background information on something or someone; basic facts in order to get a take
(probably from "glossary", the part of a book which lists sources of information)
"ok, so here's the gloss on this new and revamped Mets squad....."
by ColdOne November 21, 2004
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a very gutsy and risky undertaking; going for broke against all odds
giving her a rose and asking her for her phone number while she with 20 of her friends was a very balls move!

and it paid off cause now you're getting laid every day....
by ColdOne July 6, 2004
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"so what's your take on this new rookie QB for the chargers?"
by ColdOne November 15, 2003
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showing initiative or taking charge over a situation, not hesitating to do what needs to be done
"man you really gotta hand it to the Amigos, it seems they're really stepping up to the plate this season (literally and figuratively!)"
by ColdOne March 27, 2007
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