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The act of stimulating the clitoris and clitoral tissues around the vagina. If done properly it will result in a satisfying and unique orgasm.
Called a "Palm" job because the palm of the hand is used on the clit and surrounding tissue. The middle and ring fingers are inserted in to the vagina and push on the upper vaginal wall while pulling in and out rhythmically. The remaining three fingers (Thumb, Index, Pinky) are fully extended and held up and can be used to grasp or simply rest on the inner thigh and mons pubis.
If I am in need of a good orgasm, I can either give myself a palm job or have someone else do it for me!
by superslut1 October 10, 2016
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The palm job hits a women's G-spot inside her vagina with the middle & ring finger, her clitoris with the palm, and her bladder with the middle of the hand. (do it up & down FAST, & lubricate. also pinkie/ring finger is great for anus stimulation.) Done correctly this will make them squirt every time. Works great!!
Male: do you want to squirt?
female: yes, but I never have.
Male: well that's okay... I know a technique that works every time =))
female: what's the method called?
Male: ooo its the palm job babe.

1. gimme a palm job.
2. he gave a really good PJ last night... I squirted all over him.
3. My masturbation technique is the palm job... whats yours?
by hateporn September 11, 2013
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A masturbation technique where a woman inserts her fingers into her pussy and rubs vigorously rubs the clit with her palm
Rubbing hard on the clit known as palm job
by Majin27 March 02, 2014
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Ladies, let your fingers do the walkin' and your palm do the talkin'. A true feminine orgasmic delight created by the use of the palm and the fingers. Clitoral and g-spot stimulation occurring simultaneously leading to a squirting end. It can be performed by one or have a friend help. It is fun for one and all.
She wanted to squirt, so I gave her a palm job.
Americans need jobs, might as well be a palm job.
Create jobs...use your palms.
by Bootlover February 09, 2014
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The palm job is where a man fingers a womens' vagina with the middle & ring finger, her clitoris with the palm, (do it up & down FAST). This will make her cum in no time!!!!!
Girl: hey babe, i am really horny!! what is palm job that you were taking about?
Guy: ok babe let me give you the palm job!!

----------after 3---------------
Girl: that was great babe, i wanna do the palm job again!!!
by Preet68 February 09, 2014
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When a girl is pleasured or pleasures herself using the palm of their hand to rub her clitoris (guys get hand jobs, girls get palm jobs). Tends to lead to amazing, hip spasming orgasms. Slide two fingers into her vagina for a better grip and more stimulation.
1.) She gave herself a palm job and over three orgasms later was panting, exhausted, and totally satisfied.
2.) He kept giving her a palm job until his hand and the sheets were completely soaked from her juices
by BlueEyesBoy February 19, 2014
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