A phrase people use to hint that they aren't ok with something you've said or done.
"It's fine, it's nothing you've done". Translates to "I'm pissed off with something you've done".
by Based Fiend January 12, 2023
Not fine.

Unfortunately most people, boys in particular, are oblivious to this meaning.
Guy: Hey
Girl: Hi
Guy: So.. how are you?
Girl: ... fine.
Guy: Thats good!
Girl: ...
by moomoo8 May 2, 2010
"I'm really not doing that great at all but i don't want to say it out loud so I will tell you that I am a word that in the dictionary means "ok" but if you understand the actual meaning of this word you will know i am speaking in code and i am trying to tell you that i am anything but "fine""
"How are you doing?"
"I am {not} fine."
by caelloki March 18, 2007
v. To fucking kill a conversation, joke, or situation with sexually questionable behavior, lame input, or Tourettes Guy quotes.

n. A faggot, who aims to climb the social ladder of High School through hanging with kids, who are completely out of his league, listening to Wu-Tang, when he'd much rather be listening to some other queer band like Boys Like Girls a.k.a. The Knights Of Faggotry, and sticking it up the butt with his teachers so that he gets good grades.
"Shit, I just A-Fined! I'd better grab my jar of pennies and leave before I kill more jokes!"

"Bro, are you kidding me? You got kicked of the baseball team's bus for killing jokes? You are such an A-Fine!"
by afinesux May 19, 2008
Not fine.
Guy: Hi hun, how are you? You're not still mad about this morning, right?
Girl: No. It's Fine.
by Kyle February 4, 2004