Suggests that you've moved beyond a particular event - it doesn't bother you anymore.

Not to be confused with all over it
I had a tragic time last quarter and my GPA hit rock bottom - but I'm over it.
by warren b October 21, 2001
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to want to have nothing to do with it; to not want to hear about it, see it, deal with it. NOTHING. over it!
i tried to drive one mile and it took me five hours. i'm over it.
by over it September 23, 2004
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1. To have moved on from something or someone and it no longer bother's you.
2. To be sick of something or someone.
1. "You still sad about yo' divorce dude?"
"Nah....I'm over it now."
"Do you still love yo' secretary?"
"Nah....I'm over it now."
2. "This CD has been playin for ages. I'm fully 'over it'!"
"I hate the way Joe always hog's the blunt. I'm over it!"
by Diego July 18, 2003
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(n) The act of having emotionally moved on and matured, used in reference to an unpleasant experience.
1. It's been a year since our break up, I think I'm finally over it.
2. Although the car crash that killed his brother was a traumatic ordeal, the young man got over it as time went on.
by discountalligator July 9, 2003
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being tired of something and wanting nothing more to do with it
Becky was not pleased with her nickname, "Becky with the good hair" and was over it.
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Suggests you are completely fed up with the current state of affairs and are ready to incite the birth of a new paradigm.
What is this garbage on the television perpetuating hate and sexism? I'm over it and getting into a drum circle.
by Tiny_Dancer January 20, 2015
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A pronouncement of the termination of a relationship by either one of the two parties involved in said relationship or an outside, objective party.
You: "Things were going so well. I called her twice a day, e-mailed and IM'ed her every five minutes, and gave up all my friends to hang out with her just to show her how much I cared. I honestly don't know what happened."

Vicfan: "It's over."
by vicfan March 23, 2004
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