A hand gesture is a movement you make with your hand. Rude hand gestures include; sticking your middle finger up or your middle and index finger up. A friendly hand gesture is perhaps sticking your thumb up. Hand gestures cna be used to communicate - such as sign language - or it can be motions made with your hand when talking
Jane was pissed off, she made a rude hand gesture at Peter.

Jane's brother was deaf and so she used various hand gestures to communicate.
by Lily Powell May 18, 2006
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Signs done with one's hands used in place of or with words. Can be used in many situations or circumstances.
"Why can't Italians talk like everyone else, without using hand-gestures?!"
by Naitsabes May 25, 2008
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This “Downward hand gesture” mainly involves bending at the wrist, your forearm up, and the inside of your fingers facing the floor. It is most usual to see this hand gesture, when the hand is first facing up, than it flops down.
This hand gesture mainly represents “being gay” this hand gesture is just saying “Gay” each time you do it.

You can also see it in different forms for the different sexualities.

Example: Pansexual is a finger gun, starting by pointing to the sky, the pointing in front of you.
I saw my friend from across they room, i did the secret downward hand gesture, than they did it back. We smiled, and laughed for a while, than continued on with what we were doing before.
by ZIJI.TWITCH@Paperbottle_ October 4, 2021
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When the thumbs are touching and the fingers are touching to form a circle, symbolizing the asshole.

The international hand gesture, first used by Marat, meaning whore.
Used to indecate that the girl is a whore.
1. I hear her asshole is this big (make hand gesture).
2. Making the hand gesture in reference to a girl. (no vocals needed)
3. Make the whore (hand gesture) when speaking of a person.
by Marat A. December 19, 2006
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The Don't Care hand gesture consists of the sweep of the right arm with an open palm, followed by the abrupt closing of the hand in front of the face, at this point, you yell out "Don't Care". It is symbolizes shutting a cell-phone and neglecting to answer a phone call from an unwanted caller.

At a large party, Amanda looks at her phone. It is from Ashley, a friend she is avoiding all night. She opens it, waves it front of her, shuts it, and yells "Don't Care." The room erupts in laughter. Thus, completing the don't care (hand gesture).
by dramaguy July 2, 2009
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The Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture (SBHG) is used to describe abstract things by leadership in a corporate environment. Typical uses are to describe a process, workflow, or when making a really good point that everyone should pay attention to. To perform the SBHG, simply start with your hands placed wide on the table with your palms facing eachother. After making each point, or describing each step, lift your hands like you are holding a box, and pretend to shrink it by an increment proportional to something in your description. Place the imaginary box back on the table. Your hands will be closer together with the palms facing. Now, repeat the process until you are satisfied. This phrase can be used in many situations such as:
"Wow, that was a good Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture used in that meeting!"
"He/She really got me with that Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture. I just nodded and agreed!"
"I will now perform the Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture"
Wow, that was a good Shrinking-Box Hand Gesture he/she used in that meeting!
by Caticon July 11, 2018
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When you turn your hands into a claw like shape point your finger tips at each other and move them in a way as if your solving a rubrics cube then simultaneously making a deep sound similar to that of a whale making sweat love to a cow. Going a little something like this " Whab, whab, whab" This gesture can be used in many situations such as explaining lesbian sex to a young child teaching and telling your fiends this is what you did his/hers mom last night. The goal of this gesture is to instill fear and confusion.
Jack : "what the hell are you doing"
Tom : "Its what i did to your mother last night( while making "The worst inside joke (hand gesture)" ) "
by Dr.superfly January 3, 2010
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