Sexy/ Beautiful/ Pretty/ Hot
"Damn Katie Is Fine"
by SloppyJoeIsSkeen July 11, 2007
v. To fucking kill a conversation, joke, or situation with sexually questionable behavior, lame input, or Tourettes Guy quotes.

n. A faggot, who aims to climb the social ladder of High School through hanging with kids, who are completely out of his league, listening to Wu-Tang, when he'd much rather be listening to some other queer band like Boys Like Girls a.k.a. The Knights Of Faggotry, and sticking it up the butt with his teachers so that he gets good grades.
"Shit, I just A-Fined! I'd better grab my jar of pennies and leave before I kill more jokes!"

"Bro, are you kidding me? You got kicked off of the baseball team's bus for killing jokes? You are such an A-Fine!"
by afinesux June 11, 2008
A word used for one who is of the beautiful appearance. Usually said person's name is a Zaiba Lateef or is a decent from this divine stature of class
That fat chick is fine. She's like the diamond Rihanna talks about in her song "Diamonds"
by theguywhodrinksmilk August 19, 2013
"How do you feel?"
"I am Fine."

--The Italian Job
by RobGonJon December 30, 2004
1. A word women use to say "Im pissed off and your going to pay for it. But im not going to tell you how you can fix it or even what you did wrong!"

2. An annoying word that makes you second guess everything you were so sure of before she said it.

3. A big flashing sign that you should just shut up cause she is pissed.
Jake: hey babe
Jenny: hi.
Jake: how are you?
Jenny: im fine.
Jake: you sure?
Jenny: yes.

HIDDEN MESSAGE: you stupid dick shut the fuck up!!!
by tellin it how it is. August 24, 2009