A drunk, overweight man who happens to have Tourettes Syndrome. Tourettes Guy enjoys yelling, swearing and destroying. He is often filmed philosophizes on topics such as the difference between pissing and shitting out the window, the evil of head and shoulders, problems with Colgate Toothpaste (ONLY the one with Tarter Control) and how banana's deficate. Possibly the funniest man alive to date. Made famous by www.tourettesguy.com and it's creators.

Jon: You seen Tourettes Guy yet?
Scott: Hell yeah. I want Tourettes now!
by Printnamehere December 11, 2004
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An internet hero with tourettes syndrome, known for many great quotes. He often makes up his own curse words.
Tourettes Guy: My ass could write better music than you, with one cheek tied behind my balls.

Tourettes Guy: I don't have time for this "chicken shit bullshit"
by RobBob November 14, 2006
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The funniest person on the internet.

Hey you, don't talk shit about danny, he really has tourettes, he died because an idiot had to get in a car accident with him. Danny deserves alittle tribute.
"Don't talk shit about total"


Pay the tourettes guy some respect
by ofhwkdhtgnkarn August 26, 2007
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This beloved character has very recently passed away. He still is an internet icon, with an enormous cult following. He is recognized for his foul language, neckbrace, (sometimes) wheelchair, mustache, and glasses. He will be sorely missed by myself, and millions of others. He died in his sleep, about a month after a car accident. Tourettes Guy, 1964-2007.
Tourettes Guy: "Why don't you make like a banana, and SHIT!!!"

Tourettes Guy: (On phone with Colgate employee)"I bought your Colgate toothpaste, the one with tartar control, and it made me feel, LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT!!!

I will miss you tourettes guy! May you rest in peace.

Go to YouTube or Google videos for tourettes guy clips. Tourettesguy.com is taking a few weeks of no videos in respect, but go there to read details of what's happened, and Complete Tourettes Guy DVD information
by Mbleh August 21, 2007
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One of the funniest people on the internet. He had Tourettes Syndrome and was constantly wasted but was funny as hell. His videos can be found on youtube by searching "tourettes guy". He sadly passed away in 2007 and will be missed by many, including me. If you think he didn't have Tourettes Syndrome then think again, because he was constantly drunk and if you would check www.tourettesguy.com then you would see that his actions were not like most people who have Tourettes Syndrome
Some of my favorite Tourettes Guy's lines


"I don't give a dead moose's last shit!"

"Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you in the ass!"

"Eat my short dick!"
by my name is bs December 27, 2007
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(noun) An unusual, yet hilarious creature, who stars in a series of YouTube videos made for entertainment. The videos follow Danny, the star, as he engages in everyday activities which include making food, putting away groceries, or playing table pool while suffering from alcoholism and Tourettes Syndrome and avoiding and/or berating his son and ex-wife, Shirlena.

He frequently blames his screw-ups, or distractions on Bob Saget.

If you plan on meeting Danny, you better make sure that you don't like Head and Shoulders, Colgate Tartar Control nor Blue M&M's. It would also help if you had previously walked a mile in HIS SHIT. And never, EVER, talk shit about Total.

The character recently died in a car accident. However, if you should ever meet the star be careful as he may just be as crazy as his former character. Offer him Total or Corn Flakes to ease any possible rage exhibited by him.
Tourettes Guy: "BITCH!.... I love you...."


TG: "Fuck you, kid! You're a dick!"

Son: "But dad...!"

TG: "You're a faggot!"
by DrunkyMcLush December 15, 2008
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Me: I pledge Alligance to Tourettes guy....

Other guy: and Who's the Faggot With the Tuba!?
by The Keasbey Knight May 16, 2008
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