414 definitions by Kyle

A hard knock, a gangster or sumone who leads a hard life or has been through hard times.
its a hard knock lyfe biatch!
by Kyle April 8, 2003
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lil john en the eastside boys
en we all like to see ass and tiglebities
by Kyle January 18, 2004
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a girl that looks awesome from a distance but terrible up close
dude, that chick is a total pump fake
by Kyle March 25, 2005
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To be pansy like or portal raping mad camper
Look at that bastard bein all whitish tryin to rape the peeps goin out the warpers
by Kyle October 20, 2004
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The word is from the black culture; meaning cigarette.
'ey pass me dat cigowette foo!
by Kyle March 23, 2005
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