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A gay man who is very hairy all over his body, but is smaller in frame and weighs considerably less than a bear.
"Larry is an otter, and he likes to date bears or other otters."
by Kyle December 06, 2003

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Without a doubt, the most exciting city in America. I seriously don't know why NYC is compared to Los Angeles. There's a huge difference and LA isn't half the city NYC is.
Better city in America? Not very fucking likely...
by Kyle February 10, 2005

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Kryptonite for male species, especially when asked to purchase said item.
Please!! No!! Anything but the tampon!!
by Kyle November 02, 2003

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Not fine.
Guy: Hi hun, how are you? You're not still mad about this morning, right?
Girl: No. It's Fine.
by Kyle February 04, 2004

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Term embraced by those who are HIV positive, particularly common in the gay community.
Jim is poz and will only meet up with other poz guys for fun.
by Kyle December 10, 2003

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best car ever made, no imports stand a chance against them and if you think you can take on a corvette with your rice burner than you have no idea what you are getting your self into.
Honda driver: o shit its a corvette i better get the fuck out of here
Corvette driver: yeah you better leave, pussy
by kyle July 11, 2004

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The front man to the only grunge band still around today because he is unbelievably kickass
"dude, isnt she hot."
"come on dude, thats Eddie Vedder"
"ahh, hes so dreamy."
by kyle November 05, 2003

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