When something is fine, or it really isn't OK but by saying 'that's fine' it makes you look less upset.
Bruce - 'Perko, YAAFK'
Perko - 'That's fine'
by ThatsFine November 23, 2014
Hot, Attractive, Nice Body, Beautiful
That girl is fine as hell, man! I would tap that!

Damn! Look at that fine ass!
by Playboy tapper November 27, 2007
n. *See douchefag for definition.

v. To fail to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.
"Wow. You like bands just because they're featured in Guitar Hero? You are such an A-Fine!"

"Shit, Tim. I heard that you A-Fined Sarah in bed last night."
by afinesuxbigdick September 8, 2008

1. used to describe someone who is sexy or attractive.
2. (male definition): Okay, alright, not bad
3. (female definition): pissed off, angry, emotional
Dang, she's fine!

Guy:Are you feeling okay honey? You don't look very happy today. Did something happen?

Girl: No.. I'm fine. *breaks a vase*
by silvereyez July 5, 2012
A girl that is extreamly beatuitful, hot, pretty, or any combonation of them.
1. Nicole Is extreamly fine. ;)
2. Jessica alba is one fine milf.
3. That chick in your science class you wanna bang is fine.
by Justin ; ) August 9, 2007
Fineness is a unique and fun person one that will make you laugh when you want to cry someone that never shuts up but you will fall in love with loyal and trustworthy and doesn’t tell lies she will tell you the truth no matter what will always have your back even though she is going through hard times she will be there for you never loose a fineness as she is very rare to find
Huh ? What's that? That's fineness
by Hello I’m bored May 21, 2019